Cassy Judy Longs For Simpler Times On Upcoming Single ‘When The World Was Flat’

Cassy Judy, from Sydney, is a proud transgender woman, criminal lawyer, community activist and alt/folk musician. She’s been busy releasing songs from her upcoming ‘Seven Ways’ EP.

Cassy Judy

Next in line for release is ‘When The World Was Flat’, due out on 21 January and being launched at the iconic El Rocco Room in Kings Cross the night before.

‘When The World Was Flat’ is written from the perspective of an older person at the end of their life. The track yearns for a simpler world without the chaos of technology, and reminds us what’s most important when our time comes: not our possessions, but those around us who we love, including our pets.

“I’m a soft, sweet and sentimental person,” Cassy says. “I often wander around the streets of Botany and remember how life was in the ‘80s and the factories and horse stables. The stables are gone, converted into apartments but the horse trough is still there. A reminder of simpler times with the corner store and the local pool.”

This is the third release from Cassy’s anticipated seven-track ‘Seven Ways’ EP. It was co-written with Neil Nivison-Smith and features the talented Tee McCarthy on harmonica and keys. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Derek Turner’s Quarterpipe Studios. Attendees of Cassy’s live shows have already gotten to know ‘When The World Was Flat’ and have even started learning the words.

Meanwhile, the music video was shot in her own neighbourhood, at Cape Banks, Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Botany Boat Ramp and Roger’s Shoe Repairs – the latter a place close to Cassy’s heart in particular.

“Roger’s shop is a reminder of those simpler times, before mega shopping malls and traffic snarls.” Cassy describes. “Roger always greets me with a smile and tells me how beautiful I am. It’s hardly purgatory.”

‘When The World Was Flat’ is out on 21 January. Cassy launches the single at El Rocco Room, Sydney on 20 January.


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