‘Riding High’ – Madam And The Mafia’s Debut Single/Music Video Celebrating Pride And Sex Positivity

Queer fetish performance duo Madam And The Mafia have released their debut single/music video ‘Riding High’.

Madam And The Mafia - 'Riding High'

The duo are gaining a cult following in the Northern Territory – with a brand of queer fetish funk and diva electro pop brought to life by the theatrical, operatic highs of Madam Zuzu and the basslines and dirty lyrics of MC and producer Faggot Mafia.

‘Riding High’ was recently featured as a ‘Wild One’ on RAGE. It’s the first single from Madam And The Mafia’s upcoming EP, and is laden with galloping basslines, arpeggiated retro synths, comedic whip cracks, and Madam Zuzu’s electrifying voice.

“’Riding High’ has been a fun song to make,” Madam Zuzu says. "It’s about ‘kick your boots up and give it a crack, jump the fence, liberate and enjoy yourself. . . Ride yourself high’.”

Meanwhile, the track’s video has been a labour of love and an all-queer local production aiming to uplift ‘trans and non-binary hotness’. It features the improvised performative play of more than 30 people, dressed in ass-less chaps, rodeo fetish costumes and spandex. It was directed and edited by Bonny Scott and Madam And The Mafia, with partial funding from Arts NT.

‘Riding High’ was written, produced and recorded by Madam And The Mafia, and mixed/mastered by Sing Hum Records’ Dave Crowe.

“It’s a song about queer liberation, about finding the courage to express your hot self, really embracing the difference and the uniqueness of bodies, genders, sexualities,” Faggot Mafia says.

‘Riding High’ is out now.


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