Premiere: Watch Adam Noviello's Debut Music Video 'Heretic'

The debut single from Australian actor and singer Adam Noviello is here.

Adam Noviello

'Heretic', a pulsing, snarly pop/dance banger celebrating gender queerness and gender non-conforming humans, is truly unapologetic in its nature. It serves as Adam's debut as a solo act having previously been the lead singer of Melbourne indie-pop band Novello and a featured artist on 'It's A Wonderful Life' from The Chantboys.

Lyrically, 'Heretic' addresses society's expectations regarding gender expression, as well as Adam's own experience with betraying the gender they were assigned (“Pink or blue, which one are you? Make up your mind, boy”). It's a fierce reply to the questions society continues to ask and the stereotypes it continues to push.

When it comes to finding the perfect word as the focus of the track, 'heretic' fits the bill excellently, as Adam explains.

“The word 'heretic' describes a person who is at odds with what is generally accepted, but it was also the word used to describe people who defied established rules and religion. I say, we take back this word. Our heresy is our superpower.”

“'Heretic' means the world to me. This song was written from a place of joy and self-love,” Adam says. “It represents where I have arrived with my gender journey. It is so cathartic and freeing. My only hope is that when people listen to it they see and hear themselves in the story, and it gives them ownership over themselves and how wonderful they are.”

Accompanying the brand-new track is a slick, rhythmic video, directed by Sean Higgins and featuring neon lights, choreography and gorgeous fashion. FROOTY is super keen to bring it to everyone's attention a day before its official release to the world – check it out below!

The video, which is the perfect visual representation of the thumping track, features a cast of people alongside Adam, a 'They/Them Squad' identifying as either gender non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid or transgender.

“Some of these humans are my friends, and some are people who responded to a shout-out on Instagram,” Adam explains. “I actually met a lot of them on the day of the shoot! To look back at the video and see an ensemble of gender non-conforming people FEELING THEIR FANTASY is so inspiring. That's what I want for people listening and dancing to the song. Love yourself and have a ball with it!”

Adam says the main drive behind creating a song like 'Heretic', aside from relaying their own experiences, was to lift others up. Especially meaningful in a time where many throughout the world are still finding it difficult to accept the idea that gender expression goes far and beyond the outdated 'boy/girl binary' mentality carried on for generations.

“I wanted to create a moment for people living on the gender spectrum that was celebratory rather than traumatic. As much as I believe there is more work to be done to allow all queer people seats at all the tables, my goal was to create something from joy, as opposed to trying to kick the doors down and smash the glass ceilings.”

“Don't get me wrong, I am kicking every damn door I can find, but 'Heretic' is for us to simply say, 'I'm here. I'm fierce. I am'.”

“My hope is that people just have fun with it. This song is for everyone. Come as you are. Be who you are. Love who you are. Oh, and dance your ass off to it blasting in your speakers. Treat yourself.”

'Heretic' is officially released on 19 January. Adam plays Midsumma Festival's Carnival on 23 January.


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